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 The Tornadoes

tornado1.JPG (52183 bytes)In 1960, brothers Gerald & Norm (Roly) Sanders, their cousin Jesse Sanders and Leonard Delaney formed the seminal surf band The Tornadoes.  They scored the country's first instrumental surf hit. "Bustin Surfboards", in 1962 and they became a Southern California favorite for the next several years.  "Bustin Surfboards" the album, was released in 1964 and Goldmine Magazine (the record collectors Bible) states The Tornadoes album is "...the rarest of holy grails for hodaddies and surf bunnies alike... surf music at its earliest and coolest."tornado2.JPG (42847 bytes)

During the golden age of surf music (1962-1964) The Tornadoes played concerts with The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, The Safaris and many other groups.  They had hits during the time with "The Gremmie", "Shootin Beavers", and Moondawg". 

In the late 60's the band broke up as the band members took different paths to persue other careers.  Then, in 1993 Sundazed Records in New York reissued their 1964 album on CD.  That same year all the original members reunited to play a large surfing reunion concert in Huntington Beach with Jan & Dean, Dick Dale, The Safaris and The Kingsmen.

In 1994 "Bustin Surfboards" was chosen to be used on the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino's academy award winning movie 'PULP FICTION'.  Suddenly surf music was popular again and The Tornadoes began to ride a new international wave of popularity.

Rolling Stone Magazine's review of the multi-platinum 'PULP FICTION' soundtrack says"...terrific twang-bar rockers.  The Tornadoes...form the funky sun around which such campy planets as the Statler Bros. and Urge Overhill (singing Neil Diamond) revolve.  The Tornadoes songs have been used in TV commercials all over the world, in several movies, such TV shows as Jay Leno, Current Affair, Extra, The Miss America Pageant, and by Major League Baseball.

In 1998 The Tornadoes released "Bustin Surfboards '98" on the Garland label.  In 1999 they were inducted into the Surf Music Hall of Fame.  Today,  the four original  members, Gerald Sanders, Norm (Roly) Sanders, Jesse Sanders, and Leonard Delaney  continue to play. 

In 1996 George White, original sax player for The Tornadoes, left the band and was replaced by Ernie Tavizon for 3 years. George is now happily married and lives in Paradise, California. Ernie continues to play with his own band at venues throughout Southern California.  Joel Willenbring from "The Lively Ones" joined The Tornadoes in 1999. 

The Tornadoes play concerts, conventions, and special events.  Their repertoire contains Rock & Roll Oldies as well as Classic Surf Music.