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Leonard Delaney

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Leonard Delaney is the original drummer for The Tornadoes. He lives in Redlands.  Leonard can be credited for creating the drum rift at the beginning of " Bustin' Surfboards."

Gerald Sanders

gerald1.JPG (67139 bytes) Gerald is an original member of the band and is the lead vocalist and bass player. He lives in Redlands, Ca. with Marilyn his wife of 27 years. They have 2 adult boys neither of which are musicians. Gerald's day job is as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT).His pet peeve is with " surf music purists" who seem offended when a vocal is included on a CD or concert set list. Gerald says at this stage of his life he is considering developing a genre of instro music that will fit his current lifestyle i.e. golf music. He says it would have a driving sound. 

Norm (Roly) Sanders

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Norm (aka Roly Sanders) was taught the basic rudiments of mandolin by his father and guitar by his mother. He has played with the Tornadoes band since it's inception in 1960.Roly was initially a music major in college and owned a music store in Southern California. He later pursued another interest, aviation, and became an airline pilot. He is now retired, living in San Diego, and enjoying each Tornadoes' venue more than ever.  Norm sings, plays guitar, banjo, harmonica, and mandolin. 

Jesse Sanders

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Jesse Sanders is one of the original members of the Tornadoes.  Jesse plays rhythm guitar and sings.  Like Roly, Jesses’ mother taught him basic cords and rudiments of the guitar.  “After all Jesses mom is the sister of Roly and Geralds Mom”.  Jesse and Roly will take the blame for starting this whole musical thing.  Jesse is retired from United Parcel Service and still resided in Redlands.  Jesse says, “The most enjoyable thing bout playing today is seeing old friends out there rockin out to the old tunes.  It makes me feel like a kid again." 

Joel Willenbring

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Joel Willenbring, saxophone player and backup singer,  joined the Tornadoes in 1999.   Joel is one of the original members of the "Lively Ones" who also had a song "Surf Rider" in the Pulp Fiction movie.  Joel has also worked with many well known singers and musicians.  In addition to the saxophone, Joel also plays the piano, guitar, trumpet, and banjo.