26 tracks - 5 unreleased!   




8 studio tracks from 1997                                                             

10 studio tracks from their 1962-1963 "Bustin' Surfboards"

album sessions, including "The Gremmie - Part I" in a newly

remixed complete album version and a revised version


3 German live tracks from the "Zappanale 15" festival                                                                                   

7 tracks engineered by Frank Zappa at Pal Studios in 1962-1963                                                                            




a new version of “bumble Bee Stomp” with dick zeiner

(of the truants and Mike Methane & the blue flames) 


remastered to sound more brilliant than ever!                                                              

once again, these recordings feature the classic tornadoes lineups of Gerald sanders, roly sanders, jesse sanders, Leonard Delaney and all 3 sax players that have played with the band: George White, Ernie Tavizon and Joel Willenbring. 


Another 24-page illustrated booklet features extremely rare photos and george white’s extensive reminiscences of the band and recording with frank zappa


And now, here are the tracks (* = previously unreleased):


1)           God’s finger

2)           Bustin’ surfboards (LP mix)

3)           malagueña (Dark Eyes)

4)           devil’s tail

5)           old shep

6)           the tornado

7)           full circle

8)            Talladega

9)           The inebriated surfer (lp mix)

10)      Green flash

11)      Charge of the tornadoes

12)      Phantom

13)      Bumble bee stomp

14)      The gremmie - Part I (full LP mix) *

15)      Ola final

16)      Johnny b. goode

17)      Summertime

18)      Raw-hide

19)      Bustin’ surfboards ‘97

20)      The swag

21)      The gremmie – part I (revised)

22)      Who was That?!?!

23)      Vaquero (live) *

24)      My girl (live) *

25)      That’s All Right (live) *

26)      BUMBLE Bee Stomp (2005) *


“charge of the tornadoes” will be released on june 26, 2006.  Here’s where you can get it:


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ü      lots of other online CD sellers!


Of course, this CD and “Now And Then” will also be available at Tornadoes concerts!


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